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Background & History

Background & History

ProBlends Food Corporation was incorporated in 2007 primarily to engage in tolling operations. Today the company supplies a wide variety of select-ingredient-products, beverages, and propriety mixes to food processors and food service chains.

ProBlends’ R&D embarked on research more than laboratory works to maintain satisfactory level of our customers both on our products and value-added services.

ProBlends is committed to:

  • Provide only the best-value and best-quality food products
  • On-time delivery & reliabilty
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide value-added services to our clients to help improve their businesses
  • Nurture business relationships
  • Develop technologies that are mutually beneficial to our clients and our company
  • Modernising our equipment/machines and business process to improve quality of products and support services
  • Innovate our products to have significant value for money and food science